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Chocolate Mint OG

THC: 23%, Type: Hybrid — Sativa 20%, Indica 80%

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About Chocolate Mint OG

Chocolate Mint OG is a delicious Indica-leaning hybrid that won’t leave even the most experienced consumers unimpressed. This is a true delicacy among high-potency strains, giving a long-lasting and highly powerful sensation with its impressive 23% THC content.

The effect of this strain hits hard instantly, giving an uncommon combination of an extraordinarily relaxing high with a clear and enveloping euphoric state of mind. This powerful relaxing feeling makes it a superb choice for the evening recreation as well as for medical use. The initial burst of creativity in mind lasts up to an hour. As the high progresses it gives a very relaxed and trance-like feeling which is perfect for curing stress-induced insomnia. You will feel your body gradually plunging into a state of slow motion ending up into a deep and restful sleep. It can serve as a sleep aid for patients with various sorts of pains or neurologic sleeping disorders. Besides that, the deeply relaxing effect is a superb remedy for cramps and muscle spasms. The strain also has a great potential to deal with all sorts of problems with appetite, profoundly stimulating munchies.

The content of the resin in these big dense nearly rock-hard buds has a huge potential to glue up your grinder. This flower frosted with the thick layer of icy trichomes gives off an unmistakable incredibly pungent aroma so be sure to put it in a glass jar if you want to keep your sweets discreet.  This aroma includes gassy base with readable notes of bitter chocolate, mint and spices with some citric aftertaste. Upon combusting this aroma transforms into a smooth and easy-to-inhale smoke flavour that tastes like delicious nuances of dark chocolate on the inhale and then astonishingly minty on the exhale.

The lineage of Chocolate Mint OG speak for itself too. It is a cross of Emerald OG with the famous Grandaddy Purple.

You’re definitely missing on something special if you haven’t tried it yet. This strain is a must-buy. Try it once and you will want to enjoy it again and again.

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