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Terra Tonic Organic Cookies 8g

THC: 25%, Type: Canabis, Hybrid, Indica

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Organic Cookies: Award-winning strain

Organic Cookies AAAAA is impressing members of the cannabis community with a powerful cannabinoid profile featuring high levels of THC, making for a strain that is ideal for both recreational smoking. Cookies Kush is a 70% Indica strain, making it a great choice of the herb for those smokers who love to kick back and relax with a wavy and relaxing body high.

The strain is the result of the crossbreeding of parent strains Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. The pleasurable high that this strain offers alongside an impressive array of scents was enough to place first for an award at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2014, adding to the resume of a truly attractive specimen.

The deep and sinking stoned sensation brought about from blazing bowls of Cookies Kush is great for a lazy afternoon or just before bed to ensure restful and deep sleep. The high is associated with relaxed, happy, sleepy and euphoric states of mind. This mix of effects creates the potential for this strain to help with certain medical conditions such as stress, pain, insomnia, reduce appetite and eye pressure.

The smells released as a flame is applied to a bud of Organic Cookies is simply stunning, letting off fumes with mint, chocolate, earthy and sweet aromas.

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