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Wedding Cake

THC: 14-18%, CBD: 0.2-1%, Type Hybrid: Sativa 30%, Indica 70%


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What is Wedding Cake Marijuana Strain?

Wedding Cake is an Indica Dominant (70%) – the THC/CBD level is 14-18%/ 0.2-1%. This product is pretty strong so you would want to avoid taking it is large quantities. Wedding Cake is recommended for experienced users and novices that know their dosage. Some call this herb Pink Cookies because the product is generally a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. The flavour of burnt herbs reminds of earth, pine and spices.

Be careful with the dosage because some farmers create a Wedding Cake with more than 25% THC content. But the standard amount of this component is 10-15%. Wedding Cake Marijuana Strain is very popular among customers because of its positive effects like euphoria, relaxation and happiness. So if you want to get a strong Indica dominant product feel free to try Wedding Cake.

Pink Cookies are ideal for couples and calm parties where you would like to chill and enjoy each other’s company. Let’s describe the main advantages of Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain.

Main advantages of cannabis strain Wedding Cake

This herb tastes like fruits and cookies and it looks like pine trees. Some may say that Indica dominant makes the herb suitable only for experienced users. But if you use the product with a 10-15% THC count that makes it suitable for those who never even smoked before. As we mentioned earlier there were some cases when people actually bought Wedding Cake with a 25% THC count but if you buy from a trustworthy retailer, you will definitely get a high-quality product.

The main function of this marijuana strain is relaxation and medical use. It will help you to get good sleep or reduce pain. You will feel relieved and a bit lazy so this strain is not recommended to be consumed before work or going out. The main advantages are:

  • It could be used by beginners. The level of THC is not that high which makes this product very popular.
  • Best way to relax. It will help you get a nice and cozy evening or hang out with your friends.
  • Medical effects. It will boost your appetite and reduce nausea.

There is even more positive effect that we are about to mention.

What positive effects have Wedding Cake?

There are plenty of positive effects that this strain could provide. We have already mentioned relaxation, happiness and euphoric state of mind. You will also experience an uplifted mood and appetite boost. Those effects can seem pretty standard but they could be of good use. There are some medical effects as well:

  • Stress reduction. It helps to avoid anxiety and cope with depression.
  • Get rid of the pain. If you have trouble sleeping because of the pain this herb can help to get a good night rest. Wedding Cake is suitable for insomnia cure.
  • Lack of appetite. You will feel hunger because of the appetite boost.

Also, this product has analgesic properties. In any case, you should consult a doctor if you are about to smoke. There is no denial that Wedding Cake works in a medical way but one should always talk with a specialist before consuming marijuana strains.