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Green Gold Extracts - Bubba Kush Shatter

Type: Shatter, Concentrate

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Bubba Kush 

Green Gold Extracts produces premium extracts that are medical grade and tested in a laboratory setting. Made in Vancouver, B.C.

Bubba Kush Green Gold Shatter is tested at 74.81% THC and 2.97% CBD

The Bubba Kush Strain is one of the most famous to cannabis enthusiasts. Originally an L.A. strain, its genes are of a OG Kush plant and an unnamed Northern Lights from Louisiana. The unkown mother came to be known as “Bubba”. Before 1998 Bubba Kush was only available as clones but has since been made into packaged seeds. A veteran Indica that leaves you sedated but still able to move around.

Typically ranging from 15-22% THC it’s on the higher side of the scale. It’s small to medium nugs are very dense have the look and feel of your typical Indica. Dark green leaves often have hints of purple from the cold growing temperatures. You could say this is a very stick bud as the layer of trichomes that covers this strain is extremely layered in resin. An aroma and taste of coffee or cocoa is often present, with an almost hash like and spicy taste. For those who are novice smokers, take easy puffs as the smoke is rough. It may have a peppery feel on the tongue.

For an indica, the beginning of the high is very “heady”. With a rush of disorientation to the head users may feel “confused” or “bogged down” in the beginning. This quickly gives way to a very powerful body high that gets stronger as time passes. The combination of mental and physical effects make it perfect for patients who are looking to relieve stress and anxiety, coupled with overall relieving effects. Perfect for activities then involve mental stimulation and psychical activity.

Sold in 1 gram (as pictured).