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Green Vapor Vape Pen 500mg THC

Type: Vapes, Disposable
Info: 500mg THC, Full Spectrum Shatter Oil



Green Vapor Vape Pen GVD Original

Green Vapor Vape Pen GVD Original

Pre-filled cannabis oil blend containing Premium THC. Sourced from the finest whole buds. 150+ Inhalations. Signature oil drop windows allow you to monitor cannabis oil content. 1 Free Green Vapor multifunctional medical grade Silicone ring with each GVD Original purchase. Pre-charged. Disposable.

Product Dimensions: 9.8mm diameter x 118.5mm length

About Brand
GV Original is a collaboration between Green Vapor and local award-winning farms, using only the finest whole buds. In order to provide an unparalleled experience, all GVD Original’s contain only the most refined THC, derived exclusively from the finest locally grown award-winning Cannabis. Expertly extracted to ensure maximum retention of terpene profiles from each Cannabis strain. Simply put, each GVD Original tastes like the Cannabis strain it derives from (no artificial flavoring).

Hassle-free enjoyment: no lighter, no grinder, no mess, no charging, no leaking, and minimal odor.

Silicone Ring
Exclusive Green Vapor Multifunctional Medical Grade Silicone Ring will further enhance your experience by providing the following functions:

- place over inhaling end (top) to use as a mouthpiece (hygiene)
- place partially over bottom end to restrict air-flow and increase
- vapor production (vapor production regulator)
- place completely over the bottom end to prevent inhalation (safety-lock)
- place at preferred placement along with device (handgrip)

Order GV Original 500 mg THC Vape pen online in Canada.