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LadyJane Vape Pen 700 mg CBD/THC

Type: Distillate, Vapes, CBD/THC
Flavors: Blueberry, Grape Ape 
100 mg CBD/600 mg THC



BIG SIZE 700 mg Vape Pen 
100 mg CBD/600 mg THC

Lady Jane 700 mg CBD/THC Vape Pen is our masterpiece we want to share with everyone. Sourced from the finest whole buds. These vapes are the perfect go-to device when it comes to staying medicated discreetly. These pens will go any-where you go as they are extremely portable and don’t give off an incrimi-nating aroma when consumed so you don’t have to worry about stinking up the joint, pun intended.

Available in 2 Strains:

  • Grape Ape 600mg thc/100mg cbd
  • Blueberry 600mgs thc/100mg cbd

The cartridge contains 0.6ml THC oil +  0.1ml CBD oil.
A ceramic atomizer delivers a clean draw. No more harsh metallic particulates.

Disclaimer: Lady Jane Pens are rechargeable. Look for slot at bottom of pen, plug in ONLY an Android cable to charge pen. Pens can only be recharged using an android charger. You may need to inhale pen a few times to start charging process while the pen is connected.